Source and import

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We strive to stand out from the crowd, its why we drive what we drive, its why we camp what we camp. If there is anything that you would like, weather it be something that isnt available currently in the UK, or something that is completely unusual to see in the uk then let us know. Along side Retro Vintage, we have ran a succesful Hot Rod shop specialising in import and export for the past 8 years and in that time, have built one of the best networks in the USA of shippers, Hot Rod builders, Vehicle sourcers, Transport drivers and Vehicle engineers. So if we cant find it, its either a Futurliner, or it doesnt exist.

You can check out our facebook page to see our build progress on vehicles, and our road trips to the USA collecting them too !

These are some of the examples of sourcing and imports we are currently doing for customers. The Dodge Chinnok showed above is a 1964 and completely original. We sourced this unusual piece of history for a friend. The 1948 spartan to the left (above if using a phone) is something we found on one of our trips we are now importing to the UK for a customer and to the right (below if using a phone), a beautiful and quite rare 26 foot Argosy we are bringing back in to the UK for a couple who have relocated back to here from California